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Join our growing community and artists in your community with a mission to make art happen. We help increase public artworks by supporting artists and providing supplies and installation opportunities.






We foster values intrinsic to art and creativity:  collaboration, patience, sensitivity, celebration of our similarities and differences, exploration, self-discovery, empathy, and compassion. 

Public ART

Public art is a reflection of how we see the world – the artist’s response to our time and place combined with our own sense of who we are. In a diverse society, all art cannot appeal to all people, nor should it be expected to do so. Art attracts attention; that is what it is supposed to do. Is it any wonder, then, that public art causes controversy? Varied popular opinion is inevitable, and it is a healthy sign that the public environment is acknowledged rather than ignored. To some degree, every public art project is an interactive process involving artists, architects, design professionals, community residents, civic leaders, politicians, approval agencies, funding agencies, and construction teams. The challenge of this communal process is to enhance rather than limit the artist’s involvement.

Support Artists

As a creative, it’s important that you have a community to support your work and receive opportunities to expand your reach. Join us in support of public art works by making a donation.

work together

*All prices in USD and do not include taxes or service fees where applicable.


At Simply Mae Marketing, we pursue our creative passions and we want to nurture the creative passion of others. From artists to musicians, artisans, and muralists, North Carolina is lucky to have a limitless amount of talent. This inspired, Simply Creatives: a non-profit to aid creative individuals in finding not only commissions, and opportunities that showcase their talents. We aim to connect our database of creatives with businesses, so that their talents will continue to add to this growing community. Simply Mae Marketing assists creatives with proposals, contracts, organizing events, and targeting their audience.

Where to draw the line

We provide an outstanding opportunity for communities to support local art works. Learn what we provide to our artists.

Simply Creatives


Quarterly Professional photography


Instagram Strategy


Digital Documents


Event Live Broadcast


Featured interviews and write-ups

Artists, Designers, Musicians, Muralists,   and more


We represent creatives in various settings and through multiple channels. At Simply Mae Marketing, we are involved with a multitude of events and communities in North Carolina. We have our fingers on the pulse of our community and we are thrill to provide our services to ignite public art works. 


Tiffany Machler 

Art by Nugget

Nugget is an NC based dynamic artist known for her talent, and constantly on the verge of exploding with passion. When it comes to art she’s an unstoppable force. She’s making a super bright and boisterously loud marks on this world as she paints her way through it. 

LLLAvender Clothing

“Fashion is more than just clothing. Having the confidence to express your individuality through clothing brings about a sense of empowerment.  Everybody is allowed to wear what they want, and it is so important that they do.

  I hope to inspire those around me to get out of their box, take more risks and have more fun with fashion and with life.”

I feel respected, admired, encouraged, and supported! They work as hard as I do, so now I feel like we’re a team. I am so grateful I made the decision to invest in myself, and I’m glad to have gone with Simply Mae. Prepare for the takeover, world. 6 stars!!!

Art by Nugget

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To simplify the world and inspire creatives to live their passion.

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