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Join our growing community and enjoy the perks of having a marketing team working for you. We help you hit your goals, expand your reach, and target your audience.






Once a quarter, we will take professional photos of your work, shows, performances, etc. Once edited they are yours to keep and to use on your website, social media, features, advertising, or to frame. 

Social Media

Social Media can be a huge time consumer. We will give you tools and tricks to help you manage social media efficiently. We’ll work with you to build your brand and promote your identity digitally. Together, we will provide a marketing strategy for you that will help you work smarter, not harder, so to speak. Hashtags are provided of course.

Digital Documents

As a creative, it’s important that you focus on your work and the artistry. Selling your work can sometimes take away from that. At Simply Mae Marketing, we prepare documents for you that will be useful. Such as: proposals, press releases, business cards, and résumés. You will be fully prepared to showcase your work in the most professional capacity. So let us get you paid more and more frequently.

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At Simply Mae Marketing, we pursue our creative passions and we want to nurture the creative passion of others. From artists to musicians, artisans, and muralists, North Carolina is lucky to have a limitless amount of talent. This inspired, Simply.Creatives: a marketing effort to aid creative individuals in finding not only work, but ideal customers, and routines that showcase their professionalism. We aim to connect our database of creatives with businesses, so that their talents will continue to add to this growing community. Simply Mae Marketing assists creatives with proposals, contracts, organizing events, and targeting their audience.

What You Get

We have a package that fits the needs of any creative

Simply Creatives




Instagram Strategy


Digital Documents


Event Live Broadcast


Instagram Tv interview

Artists, Designers, Musicians, Muralists,   and more


We represent you in various settings and through multiple channels. At Simply Mae Marketing, we are involved with a multitude of events and communities in North Carolina. We will get to know you and your work. Let us tell others about how amazing you are.

You can expect to have your craft showcased online exactly the way you want it to be. Our skilled staff can’t wait to help with curating content with you that will help grow your brand.


Tiffany Machler 

Art by Nugget

Nugget is an NC based dynamic artist known for her talent, and constantly on the verge of exploding with passion. When it comes to art she’s an unstoppable force. She’s making a super bright and boisterously loud marks on this world as she paints her way through it. 

LLLAvender Clothing

“Fashion is more than just clothing. Having the confidence to express your individuality through clothing brings about a sense of empowerment.  Everybody is allowed to wear what they want, and it is so important that they do.

  I hope to inspire those around me to get out of their box, take more risks and have more fun with fashion and with life.”

I feel respected, admired, encouraged, and supported! They work as hard as I do, so now I feel like we’re a team. I am so grateful I made the decision to invest in myself, and I’m glad to have gone with Simply Mae. Prepare for the takeover, world. 6 stars!!!

Art by Nugget

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To simplify the world and inspire creatives to live their passion.

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